Monday, January 12, 2009

Been a long time since I have posted anything. Got dragged into some, well - let's say, interesting work in my day job. Done some programming anyway.

GWT-Ext or SmartClient based GUI wiht a JPA/Spring/MySQL/JAX-B/JAX-RS driven backend. And I'm using Envers for auditing - I love it.

Got fed up writing all those REST requests, so basically just set up a service with a Groovy engine behind. This allows me to just send scripts using my plain POJO domain model from the GUI without having to expose every little piece of functionality as a REST service. All the while every script execution returns a piece of XML driving the AJAX GUI. On this front I love the store-based model of SmartClient over the store based model of GWT-Ext (because of the CRUD service hooks).

Need to play around with the Groovy bit some more - but I can almost hear the critics yell "SECURITY ISSUE"!

Protecting the whole thing with CAS and aspect-driven security on the server side for method execution as well as data retrievals/updates using JPA.

Need to play with this a bit more and will provide some code here. Watch this space...